I keep asking myself, when will there be a break? Why did those FDA advisors with concerns just collapse and fall into line? Then I recalled Brooks’ “Organizational Kid” essay- The Organizational Kid has become The Organizational Doctor :

“ They're not trying to buck the system; they're trying to climb it, and they are streamlined for ascent. Hence they are not a disputatious group. I often heard at Princeton a verbal tic to be found in model young people these days: if someone is about to disagree with someone else in a group, he or she will apologize beforehand, and will couch the disagreement in the most civil, nonconfrontational terms available. These students are also extremely respectful of authority, treating their professors as one might treat a CEO or a division head at a company meeting.

"Undergrads somehow got this ethos that the faculty is sacrosanct," Dave Wilkinson, a professor of physics, told me. "You don't mess with the faculty. I cannot get the students to call me by my first name."

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We can still influence the CDC’s ACIP committee, please comment! https://standforhealthfreedom.com/action/tell-the-cdc-no/

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