Enough is Enough

Waukesha is the beginning of the end for the progressive left

It’s really tough to watch videos of what happened in Waukesha. If you haven’t seen it yet, do yourself a favor and don’t watch it because it’s absolutely heartbreaking.

What I can tell you about the video is that this was 100% intentional. No report that the suspect was fleeing from the scene of a knife fight explains what is plainly visible: the black driver (Darrell Brooks Jr) of the red SUV meant to kill the people he ran over. It was merciless.

In case you are holding out hope for the idea that the suspect was not intending to kill people, then read the police report for yourself:

We don’t have a stated motive for why Darrell Brooks Jr. did what he did. Maybe it wasn’t racially motivated, but there’s no doubt that if he were white and there were white victims the MSM narrative would be totally different. We’ll come back to this.

But what is obvious is that this man should not have been on the street…but he was due to ridiculous new progressive bail policies.

This is the best-case scenario for the progressive left. It will highlight the insane progressive policies that have been pushed throughout all of America’s cities. The worsening crime statistics in urban centers did not start with the Summer of George Floyd…it just made it obvious.

The progressive assault on law enforcement began a long time ago under Obama after the Ferguson riots when the federal government started intervening in local police departments. The numbers don’t lie:

Of course, a broader systemic assault on the entire justice system was undertaken in 2016 when Soros aggressively supported the election of very progressive Attorney Generals.

Without AGs, criminals don’t get prosecuted! Laws don’t get enforced if the prosecutors refuse to bring charges.

Now sprinkle in a bit of Black Lives Matter, splash on some Defund the Police, and mix in some Vaccine Mandates…and VOILA! You’ve got a (very predictable) crime pandemic in America. And it is all thanks to radical progressive policies.

And the results will not be pretty in the 2022 elections for Democrats. An electoral backlash is coming and it is going to be spectacular.

But this is the best-case scenario.

The worst-case scenario which nobody wants to admit is that this attack was at least partially motivated by race hatred.

Steven Crowder went through the social media presence of Darrell Brooks Jr. and it’s obvious that he is fully bought into the Black Lives Narrative that black people are being oppressed by white people.

This was probably the worst post I saw:

Translation: “Learned and taught behavior!! So when we start back knocking white people the fuck out, I don’t want to hear it…the old white people too, KNOCK THEM THE FUCK OUT!! PERIOD..”

Even if the suspect will deny that what happened wasn’t about racism, and even if the cops or MSM offer others explanations, you are never going to convince a lot of people in America that this was not a hate crime.

And there are BLM activists who also interpret this incident as a racial attack:

Now, let’s put all of this into context:

  • Shortly after the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict…

  • Which was presented by the media as a case about white supremacy…

  • In another suburb of Milwaukee…

  • A black man who openly identifies with the BLM/white supremacy narrative…

  • Intentionally drives his SUV through a crowd of predominantly white people

Let me put it another way.

The Progressive Left:

  • Openly stokes racial hatred of white people…

  • Pushes a false narrative about the Kyle Rittenhouse case being about white supremacy when it was actually about self-defense…

  • Act shocked when a black man, who bought into their racial justice narrative, accelerates his car going through a crowd of white people

  • Then completely ignore the story

Good luck convincing average people that these are all just a bunch of coincidences.

Enough is enough! People are sick and tired of the progressive left and their reign of terror.

People are coming to see that there is a price to be paid for bad ideas stemming from dangerous ideologies.

They won’t go easily or quietly.

But ultimately what will cause the end of the progressive left’s reign of terror is the fact that the Democrats are going to be slaughtered in the 2022 mid-term elections…and possibly beyond.