I hope so, sometimes it feels that everything is so corrupt it’s beyond repair but the only thing to to do is to keep fighting

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It would be nice if there was some comeuppance for the egregious wrongs perpetrated upon the citizenry since 2019… we shall see, 50/50 chance maybe? That is not a precise estimate, I am an optimist by nature!

I completely agree that we have to focus on the future, I’ve always voted but 2024 I will be engaged like never before. Let’s go RdS!

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YAY A GUMMI POST!!! I agree with just about everything you wrote, ESPECIALLY about the media. I haven't seen you around in a while so check out what I wrote about this issue:


For those of you who don’t know (and why would you), Ben Collins is a reporter for NBC News. He’s paid to be a reliable mouthpiece for whatever government wants him to say. So are many of the other ‘journalists’ who are attacking Taibbi for simply releasing A FEW internal communications regarding censorship on Twitter and the government’s role in that censorship.

Know what my initial reaction was, and what I would think would be the initial reaction of all journalists?


The very little of that I saw was from people who were banned from social media or part of a major news story. Crickets from the ‘media’.

But that’s no surprise at all. The story is about government directing its preferred narrative via controlled media outlets. The media isn’t going to cover it because — you should already know this one! — government is directing its preferred narrative via controlled media outlets!

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I have to say, I agree with everything you wrote. Can't add much except that DeSantis is absolutely the way forward for the GOP.

With respect to hardcore leftists, no amount of logic, facts or critical thinking works for them. The ends always justify the means and they just don't care. For the first time in my life, I find myself really not spending any time with democrats....they don't know how to think and can't articulate a position on anything using their own thoughts and reasoning. Part of this is because they live in a bubble where their POV is ever present (schools and universities, news, movies, tv shows etc) and so they are never confronted with an opposing POV and therefore can't articulate an adequate response to data and logic. It's always ad hominem attacks which is when I just walk away.

Anyway, Gummi, you're exactly right on this. And I hope we have DeSantis in 2024. It's the way forward.

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Dec 8, 2022·edited Dec 8, 2022

Disagree with the premise that Trump is a Republican Party problem. The Party never wanted him to prevail in Office and thwarted many of his policies. DeSantis is indeed a viable Party candidate for president and I hope he runs, but I'm not sure the Party is as equally enthusiastic as the Floridians that voted him into the governorship. Here's why...Party leadership, mainly McConnell and McCarthy, of course, but too many others in key positions with the approval of those two in particular, are preventing the Party from achieving reliable power; power that actually helps those who voted for them into office. Trump campaigned for some R's that lost in '22, that's true. But what isn't widely mentioned is McConnell's refusal to support the R nominee with financial support. He held back money for those candidates to spite Trump. Put another way, there would have indeed been a red wave had McConnell not continued to hate Trump and the people who supported his choices. McConnell alone chose to lose the close elections rather than help his own Party with financial backing. Trump is as uncouth as they come, there's no second guessing that part of him. But his policies were good for EVERYONE except those who wanted to keep control of more taxpayers monies, those who want an open southern border, and less regulatory controls created in DC that only apply to those who aren't politically connected - with BOTH Parties attempting to thwart those policies. I'd be fine with Trump and DeSantis on the same ticket, but I don't believe for a minute the Republican Party would tolerate such heresy. Nor do I believe that DeSantis could drain anymore of the swampiness in DC. Critters like McConnell, Pelosi, Schumer and the rest who've made a career of grifting the public; they simply would never allow it.

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I may be late to this party but is this really just about media censorship and integrity. Isn’t it also about the 459 crimes committed by the Biden family and their business associates (source: Marco Polo).

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Thank you for taking time to think this out and post it. I agree with 99%. Sadly, the 1% not addressed could overwhelm our efforts. A lot is coming together and becoming more visible and urgent. There are powerful, evil, and wealthy forces at play, to which most of the dems and some of the gop have aligned. CBDC’s will change everything!

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Remember, 3 of the first 6 Republican Presidents were assassinated.

The last Republican President whose election was not challenged as illegitimate was GHWBush in 1988.

Dan Rather created pajama media with GWBush’s fabricated letter.

Harry Reid created the impression that Mitttoast Romney did not pay his taxes.

A whole array of institutions created the idea that President Trump was a Russian asset.

Molly Ball vividly described “the cabal” to win the 2020 election.

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Always enjoy your posts. Thank you.

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Couple of notes:

1) How did I not know Gummi Bear 737 had a substack? Look at my subscriber list and you'll see how I find this odd I didn't know you were here. I see now clicking on your Twitter Bio it's listed, but then just made me realize... I haven't actually noticed you in my Twitter feed now for some time (I only go on Twitter with a nameless account in view-only mode 3-4 times a week for 10 minutes, but you were used to regularly "show up"). Weird. Might still be shadowbanned. Well, I'm here now.

2) "I submit the most recent Munk Debate:"

Is it fair to cite Douglas Murray debating to conclude "when facts and arguments are actually considered in a neutral setting for the exchange of ideas, the middle third agrees with the right."

It was grade school tee ball vs the New York Yankees. Murray's talent is such, that I am sure had he decided to argue the other side for sport, he would have still won. That was a complete embarrassment for Gladwell.

3) As an open minded liberal who is ashamed of what happened to the Democratic party and wanted to see a red wave last month, I think the abortion issue had a significant impact which you didn't mention. To me (in Cleveland) it seemed to knock back centrists who were leaning right due to Covid hysteria and push them back left. I suspect in 2 more years it will still continue to be a pressing issue while Covid hysteria will continue to fade into memory for most.

Good to see you on substack!

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I think you're naive about hoping for DeSantis as a way forward.

For one thing, he's just another puppet of the Tel Aviv Lobby.

Another thing: while he's *great* as Florida Governor, having him run for President opens up the slot for Democrats to pull their shenanigans and take Florida from the Red list and permanently keep it in their blue list...making America permanently beholden to the Bolshevik Left. Then, all Democrats need to do is pull another fraud a la 2020 and DeSantis is toast, and out of the picture.

Power needs *real* power in response...

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No idea how somebody can remove the corruption from the intelligence agencies, we are liable to have another JFK moment. Nor fix the institutions like academia. There has been significant damage done to the international financial system from US weaponization of sanctions and also to US political capital abroad. Even if the federal political system moves right, momentum is going to continue to carry the US in the wrong direction for some time. You have a very maleducated and misinformed generation coming up and millions are becoming eligible to vote every year.

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